Our Funeral Home was once a farm house on the Fisher Farm.  It was built in 1905.  Eventually, it was sold to the United States Government and became the administration buliding for the Westmoreland Homestead Development, which was a part of Roosevelt's "New Deal."  After serving in WWII, Jay Sr. used his GI Bill to enroll and complete mortuary school, and was soon a funeral director.  In 1950, Jay looked to open a Funeral Home in his hometown of what was to be named Norvelt.  After looking at a few different locations around Norvelt, we purchased the old Fisher farmhouse from Carl Howell.  Not only was it the home for our business, but for our family as well.  I raised my family in this home, had family holidays here and of course grieved here with you as well.  We truly do share our home with our community. 

       Remodeling and addition projects were finsished in large part by 1962, and Jay and his children and grandchildren and members of our community have been in service of that same community ever since.  It is our honor and priviledge to serve you.  Thank you and God Bless.

                                                                                                                     -GAILLE HOFFER